Big New Plans for Council House Café

The Council House Café is a popular spot on the Natchez Trace Parkway for many travelers and local residents.  Its reputation for delicious sandwiches and soups is known and enjoyed by people from all over the world.  “I’m sure George Richey of Carrollton, MS who donated the logs back in 1967 never imagined the impact his gift was going to make,” says Lance Ragsdale, Vice President of Development at French Camp Academy.

For the past year a plan has steadily been shaping this historic space to become bigger and better.  The original building that we know as the Council House Café will remain the same and become available for group events.  The new space will be connected to the Huffman Log Cabin Gift Shop providing an expanded dining room space accented by a large indoor fireplace.  A large deck with an outdoor fireplace will also be a new space for guests to enjoy a meal under the shady oak tree.  Along with the dining areas, an expanded menu is also in the works.  The new commercial grade kitchen will provide our café staff opportunity to create tasty new items on the menu to complement most of the old favorites.

Expect the new Council House Café to be ready by Labor Day 2019.  And if you want to learn more about the French Camp Historic Village, please log on to