French Camp Academy is a Christian boarding school located in Mississippi near the beautiful Natchez Trace Parkway. Established in 1885, it is a private, Christian coeducational boarding school, accredited through the Mississippi Department of Education for first through twelfth grade students (children and teenagers), with a history of building foundations for success.

FCA helps families and young people from all over the country who may or may not be in some type of crisis, but need a supportive atmosphere with plenty of mentors to help overcome personal or family setbacks or simply needs a boarding school education.

Although French Camp Academy is not considered a therapeutic boarding school, it just may be the place that you are looking for if your child or teen is in need of an affordable Mississippi boarding school.

Boarding schools are able to provide structure and encouragement that sometimes are needed to undergird the future success of a young person.  Anchored in a Christ-centered education, our boarding school program provides a family-based model that gives the right amount of encouragement and accountability.

On our admissions page, you can download an application to begin a wonderful journey that can produce healing, growth and transformation for your young person.

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