‘Tis the Season

aa-at-bat-smallBy Sylvia Dickson

The crowd watched as the batter stepped up to the plate. On the first pitch, he took a hefty swing at the ball—and missed. Strike one. The second and third pitches were called balls. Then a strike and another ball. The next pitch would be the final one for this batter.

The anticipation rose. Would he strike out, baseball-triowalk, or send the ball soaring into left field for a base run?

Just as in a game of baseball, our work with young people at FCA is full of anticipation, cheering, and let downs. What is most important though, is the strength and encouragement we get from God’s Word, knowing that He is calling all the plays, and we’re all in it together.

Down for the countDSC_6489

How are we doing? What is our record at FCA? To answer these questions, we asked some of our students, past and present:

    The Lord used so many staff members to show me what a young, Christ-like lady should look  like. For my entire high school career, I was prayed for and invested in.

    I know I am loved here. I don’t have to worry about providing my own food or wonder who will take me to the doctor.boy-with-bat

    I can be a child again.

    Staff members patiently worked with me on my anger and helped me learn better ways of relating.

    When I mess up, I have to have consequences. But they are not angry, abusive consequences. Actually, they are helpful, and I am forgiven.

In baseball, boxing, and basketball—you win some and you lose some. Not so at FCA. All of our students are winners. In their struggles to overcome the hard things and their efforts to change harmful attitudes and behaviors, we see God’s grace at work in each life.juliette-s-blonde

And the Winner Is

When a young person leaves FCA, he takes a solid, healthy knowledge that Christ offers hope, peace and strength that cannot be found in the world. From our perspective, that is winning. Transforming lives through the redemptive work of Christ is our focus. God’s plan is for us to Keep our eyes on the ball and trust Him.

Do we always hit a home run? No. Most of our hits are base runs or walks, with some strike-outs thrown in. However, we know we are on the right team—that God has picked each student and staff member by His grace to be here so that He can accomplish His plans for our lives

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French Camp Academy, a safe, stable, healing place dedicated to providing a Christian boarding school and home experience in central Mississippi for young people needing an alternative place to live and learn. Though their backgrounds are diverse, all of our students need an environment where they can thrive emotionally, spiritually, academically, physically and socially.

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