Transforming Hearts

by Sylvia Dickson

Hannah O, Victoria, Monica MWhen young men and women come to French Camp Academy, they can expect the love of Christ to be lived out.

Some come with hearts soft and willing to change. Others are hardened by circumstances, choices, and hurt. To train our young people spiritually we open the Word of God to them in the home, at school and in church. We pray for the Holy Spirit to mold them to the image of Christ. We live out Christ’s love with them.

Connecting Hearts Drivin' 'round

Relationships are probably the most important aspect in life for young people. Many of them arrive having only experienced bad relationships. So, showing them what good relationships are all about is very important. Home, the classroom, work, sports and activities–these are all platforms for modeling healthy relationships.

blue 5What do they see?–married couples and families loving, forgiving and cheering each other on; single staff respecting each other and living by Godly standards; coaches patiently guiding teams to play and live by a high standard of conduct; work supervisors teaching good work ethics and skills that spill over into other areas of life; teachers offering help after school so students have a better hope of success.

Revealing Hearts

Each year we conduct interviews with our seniors. They tell us what they think about FCA. Here are some of their comments:

I have a good foundation for further study…I am closer to God since coming to FCA…taught how to view the world, how to live life…Before FCA I didn’t graduation 1care about living the Christian life…Being at FCA has been life changing: I’m seriously considering mission work for my future…Staff care about you personally…The people at FCA want to see me succeed…CFL (Christian Family Living) and Bible have taught me to walk with Christ and never give up (or in)…Teachers make extra efforts to help…I can go to the staff for advice…FCA has shown me God’s word more clearly…I’ve learned how to help others, and like it…I have developed a good work ethic and learned some practical skills in the work program…FCA is a great place to build a foundation and figure things out…FCA pushes you to do your best.

Sharing Hearts

Cowboys copy

What happens at French Camp DOES NOT stay at French Camp. The teaching, training, loving, encouraging has a lasting effect on our young people. We see hearts changed and young people standing firm on the solid rock of Christ Jesus. And when they step on sandy soil that shifts under their feet, we are praying for them to stand firm. When they leave us, we are on Facebook, twitter, the telephone, and e-mail still cheering them on to stand firm.


Each student, current or alumnus, has a special place in our hearts. As French Camp Academy works to transform hearts—to stand firm in Christ—for eternity—we never give up.

Three girls and a dog



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