By Sylvia DicksonMoriah Christmas copy

‘Tis the season when all is merry and bright. Christmas is a-comin’. Our lives are filled with anticipation for a joyous ho-ho-holiday.

Ann Marie & LeilaniIs this our only view, this memorial to the advent of the Messiah? For the Christian, this is a time of remembering when Jesus, the only begotten Son of God, took on flesh. The Creator of the universe took on the created form, ultimately to die and pay for our sins. How sweet and how bitter!

This ADVENT-ure began when the only thing that existed was God. The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit created all things and set history in motion. The mysterious workings of the omnipotent, omniscient God is out of reach for my mind. How God ordained before the beginning of time that a Savior would need to redeem the world is far beyond my little pea-brain’s understanding.

Go Into All the World                                                                                                    The Advent—the coming of Christ. SHoebox SUnday 2015

Christ came so we could know the love of God and celebrate His glory.

Christ will come again so that we will participate in God’s love and glory.

In the meantime, the adventure of sharing the gospel continues. Neighbors and co-workers, friends, strangers, and family are on the journey to eternity and we have the joy of giving them Christ.

Keoni & pizza

Students at French Camp Academy come from all over the world. God has brought them here to speak to them about His love, deliverance from sin and shame, the truth of the Bible, and saving faith in Christ Jesus.

When we go into our student homes, we are going into all the world. Russia, Romania, Ethiopia, Mexico, South Sudan, the USA, and probably other countries are represented here. God has brought each young person here so that The Advent might become their Advent-ure.

Unwrapping the Presence of Christ                                                                         Celebrating Christmas the American way is festive with presents, opening presentfeasting, parties, decorations, and Christmas trees. Celebrating the Advent of Christ is a joyfully humble, peaceful, and grateful presentation of ourselves—not at the manger, but at the cross.

Sharing the presence of Christ at Christmas is much more meaningful and lasting than any other presents. I encourage you to carry the light of Christ to each holiday gathering this year. Shower grace and glory that will last when the tinsel and glitter are gone.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Life                                                             And pray for us as Advent leads us to Easter when we celebrate the resurrection of Christ, the Son of God made flesh.



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