Voices from the past, speaking into the future, by F. Stewart Edwards, Jr.

Harvest Festival_etc 165Whether we realize it or not, the past matters!  What we do and say today matters!

We can all think about someone who was special in our lives and the relationship we shared with those individuals. The things that they did or said still have a lasting impact on our lives today. As I grow older, I am struck by how often I think back on my relationship with my dad. It is as if I have a video recording of our times together. I find myself replaying those times in my mind seeking to recap every ounce of wisdom, love, and direction I can from times gone by. It is interesting how we cannot see what a blessing certain people are in our lives until they are gone.

Relationships are foundational at French Camp too. Whether young or old, we all enjoy time being together—growing, encouraging, and pulling alongside each other in good times and in tough times. All of us in this relationship are growing and God is using each one to bring about His purposes.

It is only Christ that can bring the true encouragement that quenches the thirst we all have. God has created us for relationship, first with Himself, and then with others.  He uses relationship to reveal Himself to us.

What relationships are special to you today? Have you taken time to let that person know how thankful you are for them and how God has used them in your life? When we do this, it acknowledges we see the work of God through the person, which in turn brings great encouragement.

In our fast paced way of life, it is easy to blow through a week, month, or even years without connecting with special people in our lives. Time stands still for no one!  Let us be sure we are cherishing the relationships of life every day the Lord gives us. Then, when our days are over, our voices will continue to speak into the lives of the future.

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French Camp Academy, a safe, stable, healing place dedicated to providing a Christian boarding school and home experience in central Mississippi for young people needing an alternative place to live and learn. Though their backgrounds are diverse, all of our students need an environment where they can thrive emotionally, spiritually, academically, physically and socially.

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