Mid-life Parenting

Two students at FCAThere was a popular song by the group, Point of Grace, called “How You Live” which  I adopted as my theme song for that season.  Its heartening message was to live a life without regret and to embrace and enjoy, as much as possible, each and every moment. Yep, the good, the bad and the ugly.  The laughter, the tears and the fatigue.

The day that we made a conscious decision to begin raising a child again we would also choose to accept that some dreams would die, but others would be born.  There would be inevitable heartache but there would also be much happiness and laughter.

Since that time I have learned that mental health is somehow tied to thankfulness.  I can choose to look at what I’ve lost or consider what I’ve gained.  I can grieve over what will never be or I can be content with what is. I can fantasize over what might have been or I can cheerfully live in the reality I have.  In other words, I can choose to joyfully play the hand I’ve been dealt.

I have a beautiful, healthy and talkative six year old now that is the joy of my life.  He helps me consider the mysteries of the universe, the wonders of nature and asks me such questions as,” How many animals are there in the world?”   And “What if that spider was bigger than God?” (A very scary thought) I also have a gallery of crayon drawings including beetles and butterflies that have big smiling faces, a testament, I think, to the way he sees his world.

We look ahead to the future with renewed anticipation, believing that God will meet us with strength and wisdom for every need that arises and we have learned to trust Him in a ways we would have never known without walking through this set of circumstances.  This is good.  “The lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; indeed, I have a beautiful inheritance.”  Psalm 16:6 My translation is, “My life is good, thanks be to God!”


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