Hand in Hand: Parenting the Second Time Around

It’s Not So Weird

By Sylvia Dickson

FCA brings smiles to girls.

FCA brings smiles to girls.

What is the deal with so many grandparents now raising their grandchildren? Is this really so different from past generations? In some ways yes and some ways no.         

That is how I started my last blog and never quite finished answering the questions.

I grew up in a small Mississippi town with aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents all around. Most of our social events revolved around family, church and school, which meant all of them involved family.

This was life. It was just what we did. Other families were measured by my family, which was normal. Everyone else’s had quirks.

It was perfectly normal that my grandmother was raising her granddaughter. After all, her mother had died from cancer, and a girl needs a mother. Her father was a traveling salesman and needed help. And, family was there to give it.

I have no idea about the stress this may have caused, but it was normal for us. Our family pulled together. We supported one another and blended together. In a small town, in the 1950-60’s, with church, family, and community, my grandmother was able to be a parent the second time around.

But, what about those of you out there who do not have such a wonderful support system…those who do not feel normal either in the parenting role or the child role?

Parenting the first time around can be stressful, let alone doing it again. Many grandparents don’t have the same support my grandmother had and need a community that can lend a hand. French Camp Academy is a great community of Christians who walk hand in hand serving all types of families.

FCA wants to reach out to children and families that are struggling. We also want you to share your stories and encouragements for others. Send us your ideas and feedback.

After all, it’s not so weird to ________________ (you fill in the blank). There is hope and help. Others, including French Camp Academy, will walk with you through your difficulties.

Join us at www.frenchcamp.org


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