Hand In Hand: Parenting the Second TIme Around

So What’s New?

By Sylvia Dickson

What is the deal with so many grandparents now raising their grandchildren? Is this really so different from past generations? In some ways yes and some ways no.

Teaching and Training: Boys Growing Into Men

Teaching and Training: Boys Growing Into Men

I remember the first time as an adult that I was struck with the knowledge of people parenting the second time around. While visiting my mother and going to her church, I took my own baby to the nursery. Mom pointed out a couple with two children and said, Those are their grandchildren. They are raising them.

I looked in awe and amazement and wondered about this unusual arrangement. So many questions peppered my mind as I walked with mom to her Sunday school class.

Where are the parents? How do those grand parents feel about their own children who aren’t raising these children? Why should they “have to” do this? Are they sad, angry, and feeling like failures? Do they wonder if it is their fault? Or are they happy and excited about the opportunity to pour into these young lives?

I don’t remember asking any of those questions. Maybe I did and have forgotten the answers.

I still have those questions and more, and I’m hoping you can help answer them.

Please send me your stories. Some of your stories will be unique and others will have a common theme. I’ll pull portions from them and add them to the blog. These can be posted anonymously or with your name. Just let me know.

We (French Camp Academy) are hoping that your story—your journey in second-time parenting—will help others as they venture down this path.

In the next blog I’ll explore the old and new of grandparents raising grandchildren. In the meantime, I’m looking forward to hearing from you.


1 thought on “Hand In Hand: Parenting the Second TIme Around

  1. From Annonymous–Because of problems in my Grandson home I have custody of my 16 year old grandson. He has lived with me and my husband for two years. He is now attending French Camp Academy. Raising a grandchild is a rewarding but challenging experience. I would do it all over again even though it is hard at the age of 62. I should have taken my grandson out of the situation he was in when he was much younger because we got him when he was beginning those terrible teen years with all if their challenges. He is my daughters son and yes I have had a lot of resentment toward her because I feel like if she had done things differently he would not have some of the problems he has. She realizes that now and we are all trying to work together now more so than in the past because we all want him to get better and live a good productive life. I also feel like a failure and blame myself for the whole situation. Raising a grandchild makes you feel all kinds of emotions. You feel relief because you have them in a safe place. You feel a sense of fulfillment in being able to help them and then when it seems like things aren’t working out or they are not progressing as they should you feel like a failure. We as grandparents usually do what is necessary to take care of our grandchildren.

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